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Storage Container

Storage Container

Looking for bigger & affordable spaces? Search no more as OLA Storage containers will provide you the biggest possible space at the lowest possible price in town.

Our seal tight containers are the most ideal for those of you who wish to store large items like sofas, tables, cabinets and even commercial equipments. What's more, the tough containers will keep your items safe from the weather for a long period of time which is a must especially for those of you who will be out of town!

Check out OLA's storage containers that are placed under 24 hours security surveillance and accessible at any time of the day. 

To get started:
1) Select the container size/location you wish to rent.
- Prices showed are monthly rental amounts.
- The regular size container locker is 3m (W) x 3m (L) x 2.6cm (H) in dimension.
2) Make payment online with credit card.
3) Once payment is made, you will be allocated the container number and you can access it the selected OLA Storage Site at any time of day.

Note: Cash options are possible. Kindly contact us to confirm.
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